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7.00pm – 9.00pm (NSW time)

Please arrive at 6.55pm so that we can start on time.


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$25.00 General Admission

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What to expect?

Sacred Connection Circles are a safe and sacred space to establish mutual trust, increase awareness, gain understanding, recognise patterns & heal relational wounds. Through the exchange of open, authentic sharing & honest reflections we aim to normalise taboo topics, dispel myths and iron out assumptions & misperceptions. Bridging the gap and forming healthier ways of relating.

Our childhood experiences have a profound role in shaping who we are. But so often we forget, suppress, or seek to escape from these incredibly significant moments. But try as we might, the legacy remains.

In this workshop we will explore our inner child in order to gain a deeper understanding & acceptance of ourselves, and through witnessing others, learn more about each other and our shared humanity.

This circle will be a balance of lightness & fun, and exploring the depths of our vulnerability.

We are looking forward to coming together and seeing familiar faces on the screen, we also warmly welcome newbies!

Intention of the space:

Sacred Connection Circles is a safe and sacred space for men & women to come together and establish mutual trust, gain understanding, increase awareness, recognise patterns & heal relational wounds. Through the exchange of open, authentic sharing & honest reflections we aim to normalise taboo topics, dispel myths and iron out assumptions & misperceptions.

This is an effort to cleanse the space in between the masculine & feminine and bridge the gap by speaking to the unspoken. The power of both being witnessed and holding space, creates new foundations for healthy relating.

About your Facilitators:

Cine Holland

Cine is a heart-conscious Intuitive Empath, qualified Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist & Ritualist. Previously she facilitated regular Moon Rituals and workshops in Sydney, hosted online circles & workshops for the past six years, and birthed Sacred Connection Circles in the Northern Rivers 2 years ago.

Through both private sessions and group circles, she is passionate about creating powerful spaces of connection & guiding people to remember their own innate ability to self-heal; by discovering the symbolic meaning of their experiences and accessing their personal wisdom through embodiment & complete ownership of their life experience.

Taro Taylor

After many years of sitting in ceremonies, Taro has answered the call of his heart to assist in holding sacred space. Nothing excites him more than profound heart connection with others. He is so excited to assist with the Sacred Connection Circles as these are some of the most potent spaces he has ever experienced.

Taro has focused on meditation and inner child work to heal himself and help others around him. It is his life purpose to look for new ways of helping people achieve states of deep unconditional love for themselves and others. He is a Cacao Ceremonialist and also assists to mentor others on this path.

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“Sacred Connection Circles for me was a brilliant opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, challenge my mindset and thought patterns and get surprised by deeply listening to other participants and what challenges they are facing and recognising myself in them. After just attending once I feel I have already learned a lot about how to relate to other men and women and that has already had an incredibly positive impact on my day to day life.”
“One can’t really adequately describe the power of these circles unless you have been present during them. But I’ll try – It’s a space for growth, connection, love and understanding. It’s so beautiful to be vulnerable to your emotions and to unlock your inner turmoils that may be present in your life. It’s a place for healing. What have you got to lose?”
“I’ve never felt so held and understood by the feminine.”
“I have now sat in three Sacred Connection Circles and my heart has been blown wide open each time in the most profound and beautiful way. Even though I am ‘zooming’ in from thousands of kilometres away, the level of connection I feel with each person in this online space truly astounds me….. again and again. It feels like through the combination of technology mixed in with the inspired dreams of truly heart led leaders; finally, us mere mortals are able to achieve what only Spirit could previously accomplish!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cine and Paul.”
“My first circle, I absolutely felt embraced and accepted for who I am. The group was loving and accepting and open. The activities and group engagement opened the door to connection and unity of like minded souls. I look forward to attending many more and embracing the Soul Tribe. Light and Love Kyle.”
“Thank you for holding such an amazing, deep space for connection and healing. This circle touched a really deep space for me personally and allowed me to experience deep relating with people from the other gender, in a way that was safe and allowed me to express myself and explore different parts of my identity. Thank you Cine and team for creating such a strong and clear container for this work, you really have my respect.”
“In a world of fear, restriction, alienation, the Sacred Connection Circle calls us back to our true human nature of love, joy and well being. Trusting, listening and connecting with each other with love and respect …..honouring the sacredness of our humanity is lacking in our culture. I think this is very important work and bless you for facilitating.”
“Cine and the team create a loving, safe, and potent container in which to explore the deepest parts of us. We are invited to share ourselves via accessible prompts and rituals, and I always come out of the sessions feeling more connected, more joyful, and more in love with life.”
“My name is Matt, and I met Cine through attending her advertised mixed-gender Sacred Connecting Circle on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. The different processes carried out were highly varied in content, one to one and larger groupings, and had relevant sociological gender issues embedded. As the only out LGBTQI+ member of the event, I felt welcomed, appreciated, acknowledged, safe, and valued. I encourage people of any culture and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, adult age, spirituality, political persuasion, and social class to jump into the unknown of these sacred connecting evenings. With openness and transparency, willingness to learn, and a balance of giving and receiving, my participation at such an event is exquisitely healing. Cine, as facilitator and leader, is beautifully gentle, compassionate and caring, understanding, a clear communicator, and stimulated a rich personal honesty when I shared. The theme of our night was empathy, and as such, we really did walk in the shoes of another by mirroring back our partner’s share. An antithesis of empathy, shame, was also worked with. The light and shade enabled a holistic coverage of what disrupts our growth, but ultimately, what cultivates positive, transformative healing. I encourage those going to future events (I know I will), to be kind, respectful, open, and also, clear with your boundaries. I felt spiritually connected in sacred ways to every participant in the group. Much gratitude and thank you to Cine for bringing this authentic connection to my reality. With joy, peace, and love, Mippy” ~ Matt

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