Sacred Connection Circles

What Sacred Means

At Sacred Connection Circles, the word ‘sacred’ finds its place in the light of us coming together as dedicated men and women, meeting with mutual respect, devotion, and reverence.

Each welcomed guest is invited to experience our artistry of care. We desire to hold this connective space up, reverentially – to treasure the lost art of devotion, to True Nature.

To Remember the power of sharing Our True Nature, through the connection of kin.

At Sacred Connection Circles, the circle denotes a definition of ‘sacredness’ through the simple acts of presence, the commitment of each individual showing up to share purposeful space, the combined will to hold our human experiences of curiousity and courage devotionally, to come together time and again, in a whole new way.

As we are guided lovingly, to exercise our own offerings of integrity and reflection, we are able to broach our deepest authenticities and sacred revelations.

Resurrecting the magic of old world consecration and new world vision, that each and every participant brings forth in this trusted space – we become constantly reminded of the magnitude of group energetics and accelerated intention.

Here we desire to bring the ‘sacred’ into shared space, reconnecting the masculine and the feminine, as we celebrate our combined humanity in the space between…

Taking renewed and cherished vows back into every day reality,

We make way for the return of divine union.

We recreate the temples.

What Ritual Is

The power of ritual, is in accordance to your desire for change…

A ritual is a symbolic series of actions, performed to signify an event of transition. Sacred Connection Circles deeply honour, and utilise the power of ritual – to support our community in reigniting focus, self-empowered adherence, and change. Guiding all participants with love, to experience the full potential and potency made possible, when such practices are entered into with attuned presence, personal meaning, symbolism and belief.

The true power of ritual becomes known through the convergence of mind, body and spirit. Focusing on intentional purpose and outcome. Acts of ritual have the ability to engage and imprint, both the participant’s physical and emotional bodies, touching the conscious and the subconscious. This may impart long-standing and meaningful change. Freeing us up to greater trust in life, and our reciprocal relationship with it.

Our creative exploration and embrace of ritual at Sacred Connection Circles is designed to return you to your highest power, and the group’s innate ability to heal, manifest and expand exponentially into greatness. Both individually, and collectively.

We offer the blessings of ritual as simple tools for You, to make sacred return to Yourself. In this rare domain, that holds both men and women up to one another. It is here, we are able to gift each other with the art of noble witness. Consecrating individual and group revelations, personal insights, and empowered declarations.
The power is always in the belief… And the treasures of Circle are truly exemplified by the alchemy of ritual.  Burning rituals, binding rituals, and many other engaging examples, create incomparable experiences that weave and celebrate the circle together, reaching greater heights of conviction to re-enter our day-to-day, with reinvigorated application of all that has been unlocked and reverently set in stone,

Together… as the return to ritual cherishes the very definition, and vow, of Connection.

Cine and Ben bring you the commitment of a regular, bespoke venture into tribe and temple – where we dance the polarities, equally dissolving the strongholds of separation consciousness. Finding the balm of belonging through group practice, and the break-down of gender-fuelled mythos. Welcoming a combined space to gild us forward, in love…

Celebrate the first step of being witnessed here, in whatever is real for You.

And meet the man or woman beside you, in the ultimate place of acceptance. Accelerating group potentiality and shining community, through this rare gift of treasured access… into who We Truly Are.


“I love these Connection Circles. They are a beautiful opportunity to come together in community and do profound practices that bring us all together in our shared humanity. I particularly love it when we do practices to work with the opposite sex and get to learn how they think and feel. Cine and team hold a really beautiful sacred space, very safe but also playful and fun. I try to come to them every time!”

“I’ve never felt so held and understood by the feminine.”

“One can’t really adequately describe the power of these circles unless you have been present during them. But I’ll try – It’s a space for growth, connection, love and understanding. It’s so beautiful to be vulnerable to your emotions and to unlock your inner turmoils that may be present in your life. It’s a place for healing. What have you got to lose?”