Sacred Connection Circle Events

  • Sacred Connection Circles: Lighten Up

    1st May
    For this circle, we are going to come together with a shared intention to lighten our load, release the burden, and remember to balance life out with a little joy. This circle is an invitation to not take life too seriously and return to a space of balance.

  • Sacred Connection Circles Couples Only ~ A Communication Workshop

    28th April
    For our next ‘Couples Only’ Connection Circle, we will be guiding you through a process designed to help you learn how to communicate effectively in your relationship, particularly when one (or both) of you become triggered, or during moments of conflict.


Intimate Conversations

We could so easily be fooled into thinking we, men and women, are worlds apart. What we commonly discover through meeting each other in presence and engaging in an intimate conversation, is our sameness, our shared humanity; forming a space of honesty where there is no “us” against “them” vibe. We arrive at the same realisation, that we have all experienced similar suffering and we all share similar yearnings. It is what remains unresolved within us and between us, that pollutes the space in between, creating fractures, distortions and adding to the void of separation.

“Intimate Conversations” is a unique opportunity to explore the topics that impact us all in our human experience of relating and connection, in a safe & sacred space. It is an intentional deep dive into the relationship realm. We explore all that is real, but perhaps not discussed openly in everyday conversations.

Through addressing taboo topics, the sharing of vulnerable truths & honest reflections – together we hold the intention to dispel distortions, assumptions & misperceptions in an attempt to cultivate empathy, heal relational wounds and form healthier ways of relating. This is an effort to bridge the gap between men and women, by speaking to the unspoken.

Intimate Conversations Events


“I loved the circle ‘Understanding the masculine’. Hearing the men share openly, generously and courageously was in itself a balm for my heart. A relief, softening and turn on for my woman. It was amazing to be in a conversation that touched on some edgy topics very rarely addressed so openly between men and women. Topics that are fundamental to relating in a good, healthy way. It released some of my discomfort and fears around giving voice to these topics when I relate with a man. I got to hear specifics around what men want and need, their fears and desires. By the end of the circle, I felt peace, hope and great love. Thank you Cine and each man present.”

“An understanding of the relational dynamics between the masculine and feminine is so needed, Cine holds a beautiful and sacred container to share our vulnerabilities which helps to bridge the divide.”

“My takeaway is to be courageous and stand in my truth and authenticity when connecting with men. And that also life is equally as hard to navigate as a man. Being more open and understanding of the wounds that men can also hold. I really want to thank all the men for being their beautiful selves and sharing so openly!”

“Thank you Cine and beautiful men who co-created a beautiful healing container for me to feel deeply touched and heart-opened. Thank you everyone for showing up. I truly loved the experience.”

“The honesty and vulnerability the men showed and shared with their stories was really touching and to gain an understanding that their insecurities are not so different to my own, which is something I didn’t give enough thought to in the past. Their need to feel safe was a really impactful statement for me.”